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Creator:  Zangen, JoshuaRequires cookie*
 Title:  Joshua Zangen collection  
 Dates:  1955-1990 
 Call No:  1994.028 
 Abstract:  Joshua Zangen (d. ca. 1963) of Brooklyn created a calendar in his pamphlet entitled "Universal Perpetual Calendar Reform". He advocated a universal calendar with a thirteen-month year that would not raise issues for the fixity of the Sabbath. The collection contains correspondence, articles, and pamphlets collected or written by Joshua Zangen relating to the issue of calendar reform. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Calendar reform | Jewish calendar | Perpetual calendar | Religious calendars 
Creator:  Hyamson, Moses, 1863-1949Requires cookie*
 Title:  Moses Hyamson collection  
 Dates:  1931-1937 
 Call No:  1994.037 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of a pamphlet submitted by Rabbi Moses Hyamson (1862-1949) to the League of Nations on the issue of the world calendar reform, as well as a journal from a testimonial dinner given at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on the occasion of Hyamson's 75th birthday. A long-time dayan (judge) for the London Beth Din and rabbi in New York, Rabbi Hyamson spoke out against the calendar reform which would have resulted in the Jewish Sabbath no longer being on the seventh day of each week. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Calendar reform | Jewish calendar | Perpetual calendars | Rabbis -- New York (State) -- New York 
Creator:  Philip M. Kleinfeld, 1894-Requires cookie*
 Title:  Philip M. Kleinfeld correspondence regarding calendar reform  
 Dates:  1938 
 Call No:  1994.060 
 Abstract:  The collection contains letters by or concerning Senator Philip M. Kleinfeld and his opposition to the World Calendar Association's efforts at calendar reform. Senator Kleinfeld served as Democratic senator for the fourth district in Brooklyn from 1922 to 1941. As Senator, Kleinfeld was involved in many issues pertaining to Jewish life, such as kosher food laws and the calendar reform. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Calendar reform | Jewish calendar | Perpetual calendars | Religious calendars | Sabbath