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Creator:  Alexander, J. AntonRequires cookie*
 Title:  J. Anton Alexander Passover products list and letter  
 Dates:  1940 
 Call No:  1992.015 
 Abstract:  The collection contains a letter that includes a list of questions on Passover products, kaschering (the practice of making objects fit for kosher usage) and prices, written in German. The letter was issued by J. Anton Alexander, a German Jewish grocer whose firm was established in Berlin in 1865. The letter was co-signed on March 7, 1940 by five German rabbis headed by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Carlebach of Hamburg. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jews -- Germany -- History -- 1933-1945 -- Sources | Passover food 
Creator:  Smithline, JacobRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jacob Smithline pamphlet  
 Dates:  undated 
 Call No:  2000.008 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of a 12-page pamphlet by Jacob Smithline entitled "Der visenshaftlikher tsad fun geshlekhtliher higiene: dos tevileh-bod (di mikveh)," translated by Dr. L. M. Herbert. The pamphlet discusses the medical and hygenic benefits of immersing in a mikvah (Jewish ritual bath). 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Hygiene, Sexual | Mikveh | Purity, Ritual -- Judaism 
Creator:  Jacobs familyRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jacobs family papers  
 Dates:  1880-2019; Bulk Dates: 1920-1985 
 Call No:  2007.006 
 Abstract:  The Jacobs family was a prominent Orthodox Jewish family in America starting in the early 1900s. The collection consists of photographs, correspondence, official documents, yearbooks, family history, newspaper clippings and other ephemera items belonging to the Jacobs family. Many of the items are photocopies of the originals. 
 Size:  6.5 Linear feet 
 Subjects:  Israel -- History, Military -- 20th century | Jewish day schools | Jews -- Genealogy | Jews -- New York (State) -- New York -- Social life and customs | New York (N.Y.) -- Religious life and customs | Orthodox Judaism -- New York (State) -- New York 
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 Title:  Jamie Lehmann Memorial Collection - Records of the Jewish Community of Cairo  
 Dates:  1886-1961; Bulk Dates: 1920-1960 
 Call No:  1986.009 
 Abstract:  Consists of account books, by-laws, case files, certificates, correspondence, legal documents, minutes, photographs and reports from the Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jewish communities of Cairo. Also contains minute registers of two lodges of the International Order of B'nai B'rith in Cairo, which provide information crucial for understanding the modernization of Egyptian Jewry that took place in the early decades of the twentieth century. 
 Size:  6.75 linear feet 
 Subjects:  Alexandria (Egypt) -- Politics and government -- 20th century | Alexandria (Egypt) -- Religious life and customs | Alexandria (Egypt) -- Social life and customs -- 20th century | Ashkenazim -- Egypt -- Cairo | Benevolent societies -- Egypt -- Cairo | Cairo (Egypt) -- Politics and government -- 20th century | Cairo (Egypt) -- Religious life and customs | Cairo (Egypt) -- Social life and customs -- 20th century | Charities -- Egypt -- Cairo | Egypt -- Politics and government -- 20th century | Friendly societies -- Egypt -- Cairo | Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) | Hospitals -- Egypt -- Cairo | Jews -- Charities | Jews -- Egypt | Jews -- Egypt -- Alexandria | Jews -- Egypt -- Cairo | Jews -- Ethiopia | Jews, Ethiopian | Religious institutions -- Egypt -- Alexandria | Religious institutions -- Egypt -- Cairo | Ritual slaughter | Shehitah | World War, 1939-1945 | Zionism 
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 Title:  Jane Fischel memorial volumes  
 Dates:  circa 1930s 
 Call No:  1992.011 
 Abstract:  Jane Fischel was born in Eishyshok, Russia, in 1865 to a wealthy businessman. She emigrated to America in the early 1880s and married Harry Fischel in 1887. She, along with her husband, became an important Jewish philanthropist and a large donor to Yeshiva University. The two memorial volumes in the collection document her life and record various tributes given her following her death. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jewish women -- New York (State) -- New York -- Biography | Orthodox Judaism -- New York (State) -- New York -- Biography 
Creator:  Oppenheim, JeffreyRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jeffrey Oppenheim genealogical chart  
 Dates:  1981 
 Call No:  1985.020 
 Abstract:  The genealogical chart traces the history of the Oppenheim family, a German Jewish family with colonial American branches. The chart goes back twenty generations to the fifteenth century and includes references to the Mears, Franks, Sabludowsky, Sable, Schulhofer, Steinfeld and Goldenberg families. The chart also contains a bibliography of some printed sources. 
 Size:  1 folder 
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 Title:  Jewish calendars collection  
 Dates:  1896-1986 
 Call No:  1990.006 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of fourteen miniature pocket calendars, a pocket omer counting calendar, a booklet-sized 24 year calendar, four picture calendars, and a handwritten calendar. The calendars were printed by various Jewish organizations, including the Jewish National Fund and Kollel Chabad, as well as commercial companies such as the H. J. Heinz company. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jewish businesspeople -- New York (State) -- New York | Jewish calendar -- Judaism | Judaism -- Prayers and devotions | Prayers -- Judaism 
Creator:  Jewish Center (New York, N.Y.).Requires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish Center (New York, N.Y.) bulletins  
 Dates:  1939, 1949 
 Call No:  1990.001 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of two issues of the Jewish Center Bulletin, one issued on December 22, 1939 and a second issued on September 23, 1949. The Jewish Center is a Modern Orthodox synagogue in New York City. 
 Size:  2 items 
 Subjects:  Synagogues -- New York (State) -- New York 
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 Title:  Jewish Community Directory and Heritage Yearbook  
 Dates:  1960 
 Call No:  2012.019 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of the 1960 edition of the Jewish Community Directory for California, published by Heritage, a Jewish family weekly. 
 Size:  1 Item 
 Subjects:  Jews -- California -- Directories | Synagogues -- California -- Directories 
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 Title:  Jewish Defense League collection  
 Dates:  Bulk Dates:1968-1979; Bulk Dates: 1968-1979; 1940-1980 
 Call No:  1988.001 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of the legal papers, correspondence, publications and clippings of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a militant international organization dedicated to protecting Jewish rights, and correspondence and financial materials of the Jewish Operation Youth, a subunit of the JDL. 
 Size:  6.5 Linear feet 
 Subjects:  Jews -- Identity | Jews -- United States -- Politics and government | Political activists -- United States | United States -- Ethnic relations | Violence -- Religious aspects -- Judaism | Youth -- Political activity -- United States 
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 Title:  Jewish Defense League photographs and clippings  
 Dates:  1969-1971 
 Call No:  2004.098 
 Abstract:  The Jewish Defense League (JDL), founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1968, ultimately adopted the goal of combating manifestations of Jew-hatred regardless of scale, and often adopted violent means to achieve its goals. The collection consists primarily of photographs and clippings relating to JDL protests and other activities from 1969-1971. There is also a small amount of printed ephemera and correspondence. 
 Size:  .5 Linear feet 
 Subjects:  Israel -- Politics and government | Jews -- Persecutions -- Soviet Union | Jews -- United States -- Politics and government | Political activists -- United States 
Creator:  Jewish Education Committee of New YorkRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish Education Committee collection  
 Dates:  1943-1950 
 Call No:  2000.019 
 Abstract:  The Jewish Education Committee was founded in 1917, and changed its name to the Board of Jewish Education (BJE) in 1970. The BJE’s purpose was to enable Jewish education by training teachers, operating schools, and developing curricula. The collection consists of staff discussions with Dr. Israel S. Chipkin, (1949-1950), correspondence, minutes and editions of the J. E. C. Bulletin (1943-1950). 
 Size:  3 folders 
 Subjects:  J. E. C. Bulletin | Jewish religious education -- New York (State) -- New York 
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 Title:  Jewish greeting card collection  
 Dates:  circa 1970s 
 Call No:  2000.024 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of a scrapbook of greeting cards for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), Passover, and other occasions. Most of the cards are blank and do not contain any personal messages. However, there are a few that contain personal notes. The cards are of varying sizes, and seem to have been bought from a store, rather than handmade. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Fast and feasts -- Judaism -- Pictorial works | Jews -- Social life and customs | Rosh ha-Shanah cards 
Creator:  Jewish Community Council of Rochester (N.Y.). Dept. of Social Planning and CoordinationRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish Population of Rochester, New York (Monroe County)  
 Dates:  1961 
 Call No:  2012.021 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of the results of a survey of the Jewish population of Rochester's Monroe County conducted by the Jewish Community Council of Rochester, N.Y. 
 Size:  1 Item 
 Subjects:  Jews -- New York (State) -- Monroe County | Jews -- New York (State) -- Rochester 
Creator:  Jewish Reconstructionist FoundationRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation invitation  
 Dates:  March 27, 1948 
 Call No:  1994.039 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of an invitation to a seminar conducted by the Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation on "Jewish Religion in the Modern World," held on March 27, 1948 at 8:30 PM at the Society for the Advancement of Judaism at 15 West 86th St in New York City. The invitation consists of a list of the speakers on the panel, which included Will Herberg, Mordecai M. Kaplan, and Irving Kristol, with Ira Eisenstein as the moderator. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Reconstructionist Judaism 
Creator:  Jewish Theological Seminary of America. American Jewish History CenterRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish Theological Seminary American Jewish History Center proceedings of conferences on the writing of regional history  
 Dates:  1956 
 Call No:  1992.013 
 Abstract:  The American Jewish History Center of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTSA) was established on December 1, 1953. It initiated two conferences, one in Cleveland in 1955 and one in Miami Beach in 1956, in order to publicize the work it was doing. The collection consists of the proceedings from those conferences. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jews -- Florida | Jews -- Ohio -- Cleveland -- Congresses | Local history -- Congresses | Southern States -- History -- Historiography 
Creator:  Jewish Theological Seminary of America.Requires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish Theological Seminary Jubilee program for Louis Ginzberg  
 Dates:  1943 
 Call No:  1994.017 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of a program of the Louis Ginzberg Jubilee Celebration sponsored by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1943. The event was designed to honor Louis Ginzberg, a prominent Jewish scholar and leader in the Conservative movement, for his 50 years of teaching at the JTS. The program contains a list of Jubilee events, including an address on Dr. Ginzberg's scholarly contributions by Dr. Saul Lieberman of the JTS. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jewish scholars 
Creator:  Jewish World Relief ConferenceRequires cookie*
 Title:  Jewish World Relief Conference reports and pamphlets  
 Dates:  1920-1924 
 Call No:  1989.005 
 Abstract:  The first Jewish World Relief Conference was held in Karlsbad, Germany in August 1920. 105 delegates from 60 relief organizations from different countries participated. The second conference was held in 1924. The collection contains reports and pamphlets in Yiddish and German regarding the proceedings of the conference and tasks it intended to undertake. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jewish bankers | Jews -- Charities 
Creator:  Mermelstein, JoanRequires cookie*
 Title:  Joan Mermelstein memoir  
 Dates:  1984 
 Call No:  1985.031 
 Abstract:  The collection contains the memoir of Mrs. Joan Mermelstein, a survivor of the Holocaust. The copied typescript describes her childhood in Austro-Hungary, her deportation to Auschwitz, and her ultimate liberation and recuperation in Sweden. 
 Size:  1 Folder 
 Subjects:  Auschwitz (Concentration camp) -- History | Austria -- Description and travel | Concentration camps -- Liberation | Concentration camps -- Poland | Holocaust survivors | Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Personal narratives | Jewish women -- Biography | Sweden -- Description and travel | World War, 1939-1945 -- Concentration camps -- Poland 
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 Title:  Joel and Beile Auerbach biographical volume  
 Dates:  1925 
 Call No:  1986.030 
 Abstract:  Joel and Beile Auerbach were born in Budzanov, Ukraine in 1856 and were married in 1875. Although 5 of their 6 children emigrated to America, the couple remained in Budzanov. This biographical volume was compiled for them by their family and friends in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. It contains autobiographical letters by the Auerbachs and family photographs. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jews -- New York (State) -- Photographs | Jews -- Ukraine -- Budaniv | Wedding anniversaries 
Creator:  De Forest, John L., (John Le Roy), 1916-Requires cookie*
 Title:  John L. De Forest typescript on Sholem Asch  
 Dates:  circa 1990s 
 Call No:  1996.001 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of a typescript of John L. De Forest's memoir "My Hours with Sholem Asch." De Forest worked as a part-time secretary to Sholem Asch (1880-1957), a Yiddish-language writer, while Asch lived in Stamford, Connecticut. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Authors, Yiddish -- United States -- Biography 
Creator:  Jambor, Josef, 1887-1964 ; Jewish Agency for IsraelRequires cookie*
 Title:  Josef Jambor report on the condition of Hungarian Jewish refugees in Austria  
 Dates:  circa 1957 
 Call No:  2009.003 
 Abstract:  Josef Jambor was a Zionist leader who was known for his organizational activities in pre-Holocaust Hungary and for his role as an editor of Uj Kelet (New East) and Al HaMishmar, as well as being the emissary to Austria for the Jewish Agency. The collection consists of a 6-page typed report in Hebrew by him on the condition of Hungarian Jews in refugee camps in Austria after the Hungarian Revolt in 1956. It gives statistics, discusses ways the camps could be improved, and talks about the programs that Jambor did while he was there, including programs encouraging refugees to emigrate to Israel. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Austria -- Ethnic relations | Hungary -- Ethnic relations | Hungary -- History -- Revolution, 1956 | Israel -- Emigration and immigration | Jewish refugees -- Austria | Jews -- Europe -- Migrations | Jews -- Israel -- Migrations | Jews, Hungarian -- Austria 
Creator:  Halberstadt, Joseph HayimRequires cookie*
 Title:  Joseph Hayim Halberstadt collection  
 Dates:  1947-1967 
 Call No:  1992.014 
 Abstract:  Rabbi Joseph Hayim Halberstadt served as the community leader for the Machzikei Talmud Torah Torath Moses Synagogue. The congregation was founded in 1912 in the Bronx, New York. The collection contains broadsides, newspaper clippings, and correspondence concerning the career of Reverend Joseph Hayim Halberstadt and the Machzikei Talmud Torah Torath Moses Synagogue. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jews -- New York (State) -- New York | Synagogues -- New York (State) -- New York 
Creator:  Finkel, JoshuaRequires cookie*
 Title:  Joshua Finkel collection  
 Dates:  1935-1974 
 Call No:  1987.001 
 Abstract:  Joshua Finkel was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary, researched Semitic languages and the relationship between Judaism and Islam, and taught Semitic languages at Yeshiva University. The collection consists of newspaper clippings, microfiche frames from articles, manuscript fragments, and correspondence relating to Finkel's scholarly work. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jewish learning and scholarship | Jewish scholars -- Correspondence | Jews, German 
Creator:  Hochstein, JoshuaRequires cookie*
 Title:  Joshua Hochstein papers  
 Dates:  1932-1980 
 Call No:  1999.008 
 Abstract:  The collection contains the correspondence, research materials, and publications of Joshua Hochstein, an independent scholar and educator, who collected an abundance of material on the Jewish communities in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Jewish life and practices, branches of Christianity, Latin American affairs, and Jewish-Christian relations. Hochstein's correspondence with leaders of various faiths about religious issues is also included in the collection. 
 Size:  17.0 Linear feet 
 Subjects:  Antisemitism | Arab-Israeli conflict | Christianity | Conversion -- Judaism | Fasts and feasts -- Judaism | Hebrew language | Jewish diaspora | Jewish educators -- United States | Jewish sects | Jews -- Israel | Jews -- Italy | Jews -- Japan | Jews -- Latin America | Jews -- Portugal | Jews -- Spain | Jews -- United States | Judaism -- Customs and practices | Judaism -- Relations -- Christianity | Ladino language -- History | Ladino literature | Latin America -- Ethnic relations | Latin America -- Relations -- United States | Sephardim -- History | Spain -- Ethnic relations | United States -- Relations -- Latin America | Women in Judaism | Yiddish language 
Creator:  Zangen, JoshuaRequires cookie*
 Title:  Joshua Zangen collection  
 Dates:  1955-1990 
 Call No:  1994.028 
 Abstract:  Joshua Zangen (d. ca. 1963) of Brooklyn created a calendar in his pamphlet entitled "Universal Perpetual Calendar Reform". He advocated a universal calendar with a thirteen-month year that would not raise issues for the fixity of the Sabbath. The collection contains correspondence, articles, and pamphlets collected or written by Joshua Zangen relating to the issue of calendar reform. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Calendar reform | Jewish calendar | Perpetual calendar | Religious calendars 
Creator:  Brooklyn Jewish Center (Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.)Requires cookie*
 Title:  Jubilee Book of the Brooklyn Jewish Center  
 Dates:  1946 
 Call No:  2012.013 
 Abstract:  The collection consists of a volume published by the synagogue in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of its founding. 
 Size:  1 Item 
 Subjects:  Jews -- New York (State) -- New York | Rabbis -- New York (State) -- New York | Synagogues -- New York (State) -- New York 
Creator:  Greenstone, Julius H., (Julius Hillel), 1873-1955Requires cookie*
 Title:  Julius Greenstone Reminiscences  
 Dates:  undated 
 Call No:  1992.016 
 Abstract:  Rabbi Julius Hillel Greenstone was a Lithuanian-born Jewish scholar and educator. He graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary and City College of New York and later served as a lecturer at the Mikveh Israel Congregation and Gratz College in Philadelphia. The collection contains a photocopy of a typewritten draft of "Reminiscences", an autobiographical memoir by Rabbi Julius Hillel Greenstone. 
 Size:  1 folder 
 Subjects:  Jews -- Lithuania -- Biography | Jews -- New York (State) -- New York -- Biography